“Pictures are topic sentences enriching my blogging experience.” ~ Keith A. Vensey

My Nikon

As an emerging blogger and novice photographer,  I currently use my iPhone 7 Plus and Nikon CoolPix S9600 to capture pictures of life experiences with Larry, Zeke, and Coco.  I am considering purchasing a nicer camera with cool lenses and a sturdy tripod. I have no idea of where to start! As a hobby, photography is a way for me to capture memorable moments as the arise. I wish to take pictures of things we encounter in everyday life yet really do not notice after a while or even at all.  Most fascinating for me are landscapes (city or countryside), road signs, sunsets and sunrises, bodies of water, buildings and other structures, our dogs, roadways and highways among other things.

As the adage goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  As a budding blogger, I see pictures as worth a thousand topic sentences, enriching the stories I wish to share with the world.  I hope our experiences add value to yours.

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