Disagreement ≠ Lack of Understanding

We empower those sharing our views and are enlightened by opposing takes. Debates. Brainstorming. Fact finding missions. Such exchanges of ideas are dominated by individuals with teachable spirits – with the expectation disagreements will strengthen us. As Americans, we pride ourselves in these glorious byproducts of Free Speech – a constitutional right afforded every citizen. Continue reading Disagreement ≠ Lack of Understanding

What Makes Me Happy – Tea

As I have gotten older, I deliberately seek out tea for many different reasons. An alternative to plain filtered water. Hydration. Relaxation. Reading. Concentration. Warmth. Thought-provoking conversations. I no longer taint it with a heaping of sugar or artificial sweetener. I have become more knowledgeable of various flavor profiles teas offer. I drink hot tea mostly, only switching to iced during the toastiest days of the summer. Continue reading What Makes Me Happy – Tea

Trusting Myself against the Deafening Shriek of Shame

Governing one’s life through the claustrophobic guardrails of others’ expectations does not a pleasant experience make, I finally accepted. This is not to be misconstrued with ignoring trusted sources’ valuable advice or refusing to learn from others’ mistakes. Richie’s words were a reminder of a self-imposed call to action I heeded in June 2006 – stop wasting time, energy and money living up to expectations you had no role in setting. Continue reading Trusting Myself against the Deafening Shriek of Shame