Category: What Makes Me Happy?

This blog series elevates the great life experiences I have had to date, how much I have learned from them, and the ongoing quest to never ever take for granted the teachable moments they offered.

What Makes Me Happy – Tea

As I have gotten older, I deliberately seek out tea for many different reasons. An alternative to plain filtered water. Hydration. Relaxation. Reading. Concentration. Warmth. Thought-provoking conversations. I no longer taint it with a heaping of sugar or artificial sweetener. I have become more knowledgeable of various flavor profiles teas offer. I drink hot tea mostly, only switching to iced during the toastiest days of the summer.

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It makes me happy that I understand the meaning of discernment and have reached a point in my life where I exercise it with the responsibility it commands. In doing so, I assess situations for what they are, not what they should be, or I wish they were.

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Off the Grid Vacationing

Admittedly, I was an individual who considered those going "off the grid” as self-important wordsmiths. They are trying to make themselves sound so free and adventurous, I would judge. I had no acceptable reason to hold the phrase “off the grid” in contempt. I have learned along my journey of better contextualizing absolutes that different things have different meanings for different people – and it is okay! 

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What Makes Me Happy? – Podcasts

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein Listening to podcasts and sharing my takeaways from them to curious ears make me happy. Even if the ears out there are not curious, casting my opinions in to the world makes me happy still. I honestly can neither remember the…

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What Makes me Happy? – Southern Cuisine

“Southerners know you can’t be considered a serious Southern cook if you don’t know how to make peach cobbler.”— Trisha Yearwood Eating southern cooking makes me happy. Down-home cooking. Soul food. Southern cooking. Comfort food. Southern cuisine.  I use these terms interchangeably. Delicious. Comforting. Hits the spot. Soulful. These words and phrases readily coming to…

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What Makes Me Happy? Introduction

I like blogging. It hones my writing and listening skills.  In researching topics to discuss, blogging sharpens my ability to establish patterns and connections across various situations that usually hide in plain sight.  Writing for an audience has been a productive way to release my thoughts without talking my spouse – and others who are…

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