Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. turns 90

King’s legacy is a relatable example of how steadfastness, authenticity, and humility can change the world. What we nowadays call emotional intelligence was one of King’s best qualities – advancing social justice without stooping to the level of white supremacy manifesting as sucker punches at deli counters, church bombings by so-called Christians, and other forms of domestic terrorism. Continue reading Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. turns 90

2019 National Bubble Bath Day

Bubble baths are an act of mindfulness – focusing on a sole thought, acknowledging its existence. The warmth of the nearly too hot bath water. The sensation of the suds fizzing out of existence with each movement of my arms and legs. The loosening of tense lower back muscles. The cascading of relaxation over my body as I breathe with depth. Smiling because of it all. Continue reading 2019 National Bubble Bath Day

2019 National Spaghetti Day

Spaghetti – one of my favorite childhood meals – was not pre-cooked by my grandmother. My mother made a sauce pan’s worth of spaghetti. To be sure, I am not referencing her grabbing the can opener, retrieving a container of Chef Boyardee and dumping the contents thereof into a waiting sauce pan. She considered Chef Boyardee an atrocity – foodstuffs packed into a can, laden with salt, and gag reflexive nastiness. Continue reading 2019 National Spaghetti Day