King’s legacy is a relatable example of how steadfastness, authenticity, and humility can change the world. What we nowadays call emotional intelligence was one of King’s best qualities – advancing social justice without stooping to the level of white supremacy manifesting as sucker punches at deli counters, church bombings by so-called Christians, and other forms of domestic terrorism.

Admittedly, I was an individual who considered those going “off the grid” as self-important wordsmiths. They are trying to make themselves sound so free and adventurous, I would judge. I had no acceptable reason to hold the phrase “off the grid” in contempt. I have learned along my journey of better contextualizing absolutes that different things have different meanings for different people – and it is okay! 

A man publicly accused of sexual assault by three women — there may be more — was seated on the highest court in the land by 45 male and five female Senators. He faced accusations of repeated bouts of public intoxication, belligerence, and attempted rape as a young adult. Some of Dr. Blasey Ford’s worst critics probably see standing up to Brett Kavanaugh in her testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee as the epitome of selling out the white race – siding with them. How dare she not fall in line, they seethe.