Category: Takeaways from Odd Places

I believe I can learn anything from anybody, anywhere. Admittedly, teachable moments are difficult to identify at times yet lurk in every aspect of our lives. I have gotten better at seeing them in all their various forms, a skill I will continue to hone for years to come. I blog to share teachable moments in hopes of paying forward the value they add to my life.

Trusting Myself against the Deafening Shriek of Shame

Governing one’s life through the claustrophobic guardrails of others’ expectations does not a pleasant experience make, I finally accepted. This is not to be misconstrued with ignoring trusted sources’ valuable advice or refusing to learn from others’ mistakes. Richie’s words were a reminder of a self-imposed call to action I heeded in June 2006 – stop wasting time, energy and money living up to expectations you had no role in setting.

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Sidewalk Shenanigans

“We can all see the cracks in the sidewalks, and roadways, yet we fail to see the cracks in humanity.” ~ Anthony T. Hincks I have been thinking of writing this blog for quite some time.  I never really cared much about sidewalks until I began studying public health as a graduate student at the University of…

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