Family Operating Procedures

One shot to your heart without breaking your skin[,] no one has the power to hurt you like your kin.

India Aire

Family Operating Procedures is a blog series about my family experiences – perspectives I wish to share about the dynamics among my paternal and maternal relatives overall and between those involving me and specific kinfolk. First, I have no interest in using the Internet to shame people. Shame serves no purpose that adds any value to anyone’s experience. Ask Brené Brown, she convinced me.

Why do this? Discussing my family dynamics and how they have shaped ways I show up in the world – good or bad – has been freeing. Hopefully my blog posts are informative to others. As I approach my fourth decade of life, happenings of yesteryear have shown themselves to be more powerful social determinants of health that I once realized. This is not to imply the details of my life are earth shattering in what they reveal about familial interactions. I am referencing how my human experience may relate to that of others.

Honestly, as I compose and repost upcoming blogs, I am indifferent to rekindling relationships that have soured with certain relatives. I firmly believe blogging about my experiences will aid in my getting over past slights. The process demands I do the work of coming to terms with my own inappropriate treatment of others. My goal is to learn and habituate the practice of wholehearted mindfulness in presenting myself to the world and responding to stimuli it places upon me.

More to come.