Happy New Year – 2019

“I think life changes every year, this is just a little more comfortable.”

Robert Downey Jr.

Seattle’s New Years Arrival

I began typing this blog 42 minutes into 2019. Sleepiness forced me to finish it later in the day. Seattleites excitedly welcome New Year’s Day – chanting coherently and indecipherably. Tequila or another feel good elixir drew the dividing line. Motorists created a celebratory New Year’s Day melody by blaring their horns in a vehicular orchestra.

Larry and I rent an apartment with an unobstructed eighth-floor view of the Space Needle – the structure from which Seattle launches its fireworks festivities. I took many pictures and filmed the show with my iPhone. This is the second time Larry and I celebrated New Year’s Day on the west coast.

The first was in Northern California at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. It concluded a week-long road trip starting in San Diego, to which we flew from our then home Atlanta. In transitioning from 2014 to 2015, we stayed at the Hilton property down the street yet partook in New Year festivities at the Fairmont. Hitherto, I never experienced a celebration like our NorCal one – drinking great wine while relaxing in an upscale hotel. It was tremendous fun.

Larry & I celebrated New Year’s Day 2015 in San Francisco

We left the hotel – walked to a nearby restaurant to eat traditional New Year’s Day cuisine. Black-eyed peas. Collard greens. Fried fish. Cornbread. I know nothing of the tradition’s origin and less about the reason(s) it ushers good fortune into the new year. Later that day, Larry and I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin County and back – a local tradition.

With our residing in Atlanta and getting married behind us, Larry and I lived in Arlington, Virginia when 2015 transitioned to 2016. We moved to pursue a career opportunity of mine, making Virginia my third state of residence. On New Year’s Eve, we dined at District Commons, saw Sheer Madness at the John F. Kennedy Center of Performing Arts and enjoy live music afterwards – it was our first time there.

Flipping from 2016 to 2017, we concluded another big change – purchasing and renovating a 1938-built home in Alexandria. We ended an eleven-month facelift; vacating the premises to allow our stained hardwood floors to dry. We flew to Michigan to visit my in-laws for Christmas. Once back in Northern Virginia, we welcomed 2017 in our newly renovated home. On New Year’s Day, Larry prepared the same southern cuisine we enjoyed in NorCal two years prior.

Each of the past four years brought about unique changes. With the onset of 2018, our home had been on the market for two months. Selling and downsizing were our new goal. Leaving Washington DC had been discussed; where to land had not been settled. Our home sold in April 2018.

We departed DC in May 2018, landing in Cascadia’s largest city – again for my professional pursuits. It is here we welcomed the entrance of 2019.

Change is the only constant. May the year 2019 be what you make it.

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