International Travel

Passport Pic at MEX
Awaiting my Flight from MEX to SEA

While not as extensive as my domestic travel adventures at this time, I have visited Mexico, Argentina, and Chile.  Surprisingly, I have yet to visit Canada.  The likelihood of our going soon is very high, given we now live in Seattle which is roughly 100 miles south of the United States and Canadian border.

For now, I will say the freshest, juiciest, and probably most organic mango Larry and I have tasted was peeled and chopped on-the-spot in Mexico City’s Jardin Del Arte.  The most tender beef ever to hit my lips was prepared and served in Buenos Aires. Given I am a budding red wine connoisseur, and by budding I meant embryonic, the smoothest red wine I have had to date was in Santiago, Chile.

There is more to come regarding my/our international pursuits; stay tuned!