Kendall Katwalk Trail

Other Name: Pacific Crest Trail
Location: King & Kittitas Counties, Washington
Length: 14.1 miles (did not hike total length)
More Information: All Trails

I learned of the Pacific Crest Trail while reading Cheryl Strayed’s book Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail. Strayed discusses in Wild the need for starting anew in how she lived her life. Specifically, she sought healthier ways to process the grief of suddenly losing her mother to cancer at such an early age (both Strayed and her mother). With that significant loss came loosened familial ties with Strayed siblings and stepfather, presenting yet another hardship for her. She fled to the Pacific Crest Trail for guidance and mindful solitude.

I had no such expectations in hiking the trail with Larry and the dogs. Larry and I sought the usual mental recharge nature and hiking offer. Additionally, we didn’t traverse the segment of the Pacific Crest Trail Strayed hiked. She moved along the California and Oregon stretches of the iconic path; ending her journey on Washington’s side of the Bridge of Gods in Skamania County. We started at the Kendall Katwalk Trail Head, 233 miles to the northeast of Strayed’s terminus.

We did not hike the entirety of the Kendall Katwalk Trail. Yet, the beauty of it was no less inspiring.

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