Lake Wenatchee Trail — Chelan County, WA

“Remember to turn everything off once a week — including your brain — and walk somewhere quiet.” – Unknown

Washington State Trails Lake Wenatchee
Location of Lake Wenatchee Trailhead in Washington

One of the seven trails we hiked during our 2018 fall vacation off the grid along the eastern slope of the Cascade Mountains, Larry, the dogs and I started with the Lake Wenatchee Trail. We did not finish this loop trail during our first attempt; nightfall shooed us back to our SUV.  We went back to our rented cabin and decided to complete the Lake Wenatchee Trail later in the week.

After trekking along the Ski Hill and Devil’s Spur trails in the Okanogan – Wenatchee National Forest, we returned to Lake Wenatchee State Park to experience the Lake Wenatchee Trail. Amounting to a 3.31-mile loop, the concoction of trails we traversed was shaded along most of our hike. Hugging the northern banks of Lake Wenatchee and the Wenatchee River’s mouth, the trail provides numerous opportunities to photograph the tranquil waters and tree-covered mountains jutting up from the valley. I did some extra maneuvering to capitalize on the abundant sunshine that filled the Chelan County state park.

Over halfway around Lake Wenatchee Trail; Larry, the dogs, and I met a very nice retired couple and their dog Buddy along the way. The Renton residents were sitting peacefully along Lake Wenatchee’s shoreline as we rounded the bend. Zeke with his puppy energy and incessant desire to play, annoyed Buddy which ignited a rich conversation between the bipedal mammals.  We discussed various topics – life in Western Washington, ice fishing, unconscionable snowfall in Montana, and weather never being an obstacle to hitting the hiking trail, among other topics. They appeared to be of the baby boomer generation, have two adult children which the couple referenced often. Larry and I really enjoyed conversing with them.


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