My Family

“Marriage should be between a spouse and a spouse, not a gender and a gender.”

Hendrik Hertzberg
Larry, the pups, & I are standing at Kendall Katwalk Trailhead in North Bend, WA

My spouse Larry and I reside in Seattle. He and I met in 2014 in Atlanta and were married a year later in a Fulton County Courthouse. We have two dogs; Zeke a labradoodle and Coco a Maltese and Yorkie mix.

Larry was the first person that made me feel safe enough to divulge everything about me; the shame-inducing details, the paralyzing fears life evokes, and insecurities to boot; without the slightest fear of judgement.  He is the idealist to my pragmatist, the take life by the horns to my do so within an itinerary.

A committed relationship requires unlimited empathy, inward reflections, constant truth-telling, open mindedness, and not succumbing to the friction caused by shaping our experiences along our perceptions of the world as it should be and the world as it is.

As with many couples living honestly, we have our fair share of disagreements. We also live our lives our way at our pace.