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Keith and Larry

“Marriage should be between a spouse and a spouse, not a gender and a gender.” ~ Hendrik Hertzberg

Larry, the pups, and I at the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington

I currently live in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood with my spouse Larry. He and I met in 2014, married a year later in Atlanta, then set out for Washington D.C. in the fall of 2015. I was born Keith A. Bussey with my parents surname, changing it once I married Larry. Wanting to have a name unique to us, we merged our original last names. Taking three letters from Larry’s original surname — Ven from Veeneman — and three from mine sey from Bussey, we legally created Vensey (i.e. Veeneman + Bussey). We have two dogs; Zeke who is a labradoodle (the most photogenic dog ever) and Coco a Maltese and Yorkie mix (the most camera shy ever).

I met Larry on For those of us still watching traditional TV, the commercials praising how so many users eventually get married is not total malarkey.  If you are on the fence about online dating, get off and try Match.  I have no financial ties with the company; I am grateful it connected me to Larry.  We had our first date at Leon’s (a recommendation of a dear friend of ours) in Decatur, a suburb of Atlanta located in DeKalb County.  Following our first date, we both knew that we wanted to see each other again.

Over the next year we got to know, love, and respect each other on our own timeline in our own way.  He was the first person that made me feel safe enough to divulge everything about me; the shame-inducing details, the paralyzing fears life evokes, and insecurities to boot; without the slightest fear of judgement.  He is also the very first person with whom I craved to share the slightest of enjoyments and happy moments without a hint of embarrassment.  He is the idealist to my pragmatist, the take life by the horns to my do so within a budget, the who cares what people think to my eventual yeah to hell with haters.

Given that marriage equality was not a guaranteed Constitutional reality for us until the Supreme Court ruling in June 2015 made it so, I am extremely grateful to have gained this right knowing that he would be the person with whom I would exercise it.  We kept the manifestation of committing our lives to each other low key, because that was our way of doing so.  Neither of us had any interest in a big lavish, EXPENSIVE, stereotypical gay wedding.  In September 2015, Larry and I visited the Fulton County Probate Court and got married.

We had a small celebration in Roswell, Georgia a week or so afterwards, and never looked back.

Marriage Photo Fulton County
Our Fulton County, GA Courthouse Wedding

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