2019 National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day

“I’ll have what she’s having.”

Harry Burns in When Harry Met Sally (Katz’s Delicatessen scene)

I ate my first hot pastrami sandwich in New York City.  Honestly, I am unsure if I heard of pastrami at the very least ate any hitherto. Larry and I were in New York during the summer of 2015 given America’s largest city was an overnight pit stop along our east coast road trip.  It was the third overnight stop, preceded by Portland and Boston. While living in Atlanta, we decided to drive along the eastern seaboard as a vacation – flying from Atlanta to Boston. From New England’s largest city, we drove north to Portland, Maine. The road trip vacation commenced in the Pine Tree State’s largest city progressing southward toward a moving endpoint from Virginia Beach to North Carolina’s Outer Banks back to the Mother of President’s largest city.

A former colleague of Larry’s offered recommendations regarding where we should eat, sites we should visit, and other things pertaining to New York.  Katz’s Delicatessen – located on Manhattan’s Lower East Side – was one of the eateries on the list of places to visit.   The pastrami was highly recommended according to our makeshift travel agent and Yelp online reviews.  Larry order the hot pastrami sandwich; I stupidly opted for the roast beef.

We grabbed our food and headed back to our hotel near Times Square.  I think we may have decided to watch something on TV or whip out the iPad to watch Netflix. Relaxing while eating our deli sandwiches was a naturally complementary act. I took one bite of my sandwich and regretted my choice. Larry unwrapped his hot pastrami sandwich, unleashing a plume of aromatic deliciousness into our hotel room. Exposed to this sensory assault, my olfactory nerves further emphasized my lack of judgement in selecting the roast beef. Being generous and kind, Larry offered to share his hot pastrami sandwich. After one bite of the Katz’s hot pastrami sandwich, I was hooked.  It was so delicious, I seriously contemplated making the trekked back to Katz’s just to buy another one.

In honor of National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day, I would like to give a shout out to New York’s Katz’s Deli. No other hot pastrami sandwich has come close to Katz’s. Once back in Atlanta, Larry tried to replicate Katz’s hot pastrami sandwich.  While his was delicious, it wasn’t Katz’s delicious – something I admit with as much gratitude for Larry’s cooking as possible. Given Katz’s has been around since 1888 – clearly those New Yorkers know how to make an outstanding sandwich.

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