“I walk, I look, I see, I stop, I photograph.” ~ Leon Levinstein

My Nikon
My First “Serious” Camera

I like to take pictures. I am a threat to get on one knee to achieve that perfect frame, stand in the street to capture the exact details of a beckoning skyscraper, or hold up hiking trail foot traffic to snap pictures of anything from a resting bird, a trickling creek, or Zeke’s muddy paws. Road signs, murals, sunsets, ocean waves and sunrises are some of my favorite photos to lock in time as well.

Photography allows me to:

  1. Be a pictorial storyteller in a way unique to my interests and experiences
  2. Enrich being outdoors – especially hiking with Larry and the dogs
  3. Create gifts of great memories and important achievements that keep-on giving
  4. Incorporate wholehearted mindfulness into my marriage with Larry

Photography increases my situational awareness – offering me yet another reason why I should practice gratitude, humility, and optimism.