Northern California Wine Tasting Trip

“Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages.” ~ Louis Pasteur

In mid November 2017, Larry and I joined a friend on a weekend excursion to Northern California’s Amador County. Given he and I do not take much time off from work, something this is neither praiseworthy nor healthy, we jumped at the chance to flee our busy lives for the tranquility of wine country.

While I have done wine tastings before, going to Amador County was the first trip I (and I think Larry as well) has taken solely for the purpose of tasting wine.  During Christmastime in 2014, Larry and I took a road trip from San Diego to San Francisco yet did not venture this far northeast in the Golden State.  Going to Amador County added to richness we experienced along our traveling the Pacific Coast Highway. Great food. Nice people. Delicious wine!

Larry and I were introduced to blends I did not know existed. I added new favorites to my list must have reds, namely Barbera and Carmenere. Aside from the great wine, the scenery and sunsets were indescribable. I hope you enjoy the pictures.