Healthier Nation Fact Sheets

In collaboration with Dwana “Dee” Calhoun, my team and I (CADCA’s Geographic Health Equity Alliance) developed the Healthier Nation Fact Sheet series provide health-related information to small businesses, employers, labor unions, chambers of commerce, minority-owned businesses and the like around protecting, promoting and preserving optimal health of their workforce regardless of industry type, business size or geography.  Developing Healthier Nation Fact Sheet was Calhoun’s idea; we supported her project by providing specific content, supportive informational resources and covered some of the designing and layout costs.  The fact sheets are disseminated electronically, housed on the Trust for America’s Health website in the Reports and Announcements section, as well as via hard copies during CADCA’s major training events – namely the National Leadership Forum and the Mid-Year Training Institute.

Click the links below to download (free of charge) each of the Healthier Nation Fact Sheets:

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