Partnering with Independent Pharmacists to Provide Health Services

As Director of CADCA’s Geographic Health Equity Alliance (GHEA), I am managing a partnership with STRAND, a U.S.-based market leader in helping pharmacists launch clinical services within their community.  STRAND’s work in supporting community pharmacists across the country effectively engage patients with chronic disease, which is often exacerbated by geographical isolation, aligns with GHEA’s public health focus on addressing geographically based health disparities.  I first learned of STRAND through a mutual partner who worked with the firm on a separate project.  After hearing such a ringing endorsement, I moved quickly to establish an official working relationship with the pharmacist-led clinical documentation and billing platform.

The goal of our partnership entails providing smokers or otherwise tobacco dependent patients with a combination of services to help make a successful quit attempt, which often requires more than one try.  Such services include community pharmacists providing evidence-based, face-to-face counseling services, supporting patients use of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved nicotine replacement therapies to deal with any cravings that may compromise their abstinence after quitting tobacco use, and assisting with managing the quit process while adhering to their medication regimen.

Click here to read STRAND’s press release announcing our partnership.

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