What Makes Me Happy? Introduction

Family Laughter in Roswell GA
My Aunt Suzy, Larry, Me, Shanae & Deltron in Roswell, GA

I like blogging. It hones my writing and listening skills.  In researching topics to discuss, blogging sharpens my ability to establish patterns and connections across various situations that usually hide in plain sight.  Writing for an audience has been a productive way to release my thoughts without talking my spouse – and others who are so kind to listen – into a stupor. During many phone calls where I mouth off random statistics or offer perspectives on current affairs my mom oftentimes asks, “how do you know this stuff?”  If my input is crass, she will lament “you’ll just say anything won’t you?”  Yes, yes I will.

Blogging facilitates my being more situationally aware, becoming better at appreciating things and life as they are.  This includes rewarding experiences such as traveling the country and taking tons of pictures or enriching relationships where healthy dialogue and ensuing epiphanies abound. I like to consider my blogs as conversation starters, lessons learned reinforcers, and preconceived notion busters.  I do not know if I am achieving this aim – readers have yet to comment, even though my subscribers’ list has grown.  This may be a marketing problem or an uninteresting subject matter problem.  I forget where I heard this however one blogger advised budding ones to just write what interests you, with so many people in this country and the world if only 0.01% of them are interested that can amount to hundreds if not thousands of people. This is yet another example of patience being the utmost of virtues.

So, blogging and being grateful for the audience I have today and the future one I will acquire make me happy.

Admittedly, I tend to write about topics I find wrong with the world – stubborn racism, people with unsocialized dogs, the willfully ignorant, sidewalk hogs, and the like.  To air the dirty laundry of my ongoing family’s dysfunction, I have started the blog series Family Operating Procedures. I have enlisted three of my closest cousins – more like makeshift siblings – to aid me in this process.  We four are in a family with drama queens who consistently make terrible financial decisions and uses the fate of their small kids as a tool to shake us down for bailouts, thieves who steals other relatives’ money without flinching while calling it “borrowing in advance” when interrogated about it, other cousins who beg for $20 on Facebook for gas money and cigarettes.  None of what this is my attempt at hyperbolic prose – it all has happened repeatedly.   India Aire said it best with the lyrics in her song Get It Together, “one shot to your heart without breaking your skin, no one has the power to hurt you like your kin.”

While Family Operating Procedures will be cathartic for me and hopefully informative to family drama perpetrators, speaking truth to the things we get right as mammals with big brains is just as valuable rewarding. So, I am writing the What Makes Me Happy blog series to do just that.

To Be Continued

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